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Are you ready to rumbleeee?! Luchadores by Crypto Libre NFTs give you exclusive access to this community of sports lovers and weekly sports-themed rumbles for prizes, plus access to future themed drops. Luchadores will lead the project via a voting DAO to truly have ownership of the project.


Crypto Libre NFTs is the place to come for sports/gambling/dfs talk, and all that entails. From sports advice to poker rooms to NFT and crypto talk, Crypto Libre is your place to find your online group with your interests.

The Luchador is a masked wrestler pictured in formal attire. A champion of the people, he represents the crypto world, where decentralization and anonymity have evened the playing field, masked for the fight but sitting for a portrait, he is both the commoner and the nobleman.

The Luchador is the gateway to the Crypto Libre community. Only Luchadores have full access to the community. The project is community-driven and filled with experienced Luchadores that chart the course. It is not dictated by any Manager, but rather by those in the Ring.

Why Luchador?

The Luchador is an original work by @meatpossum that has been re-imagined as an NFT. It is representative of the styles of pop art, art noir, and stencil street-art. The Luchador – a masked wrestler in a tuxedo staring into space – portrays a juxtaposition of a working-class hero sitting for a portrait in a suit and tie.

Luchadores are wrestlers that compete in Lucha Libre – Mexican professional wrestling. Popular in Mexico and other Spanish speaking areas, luchadores are perhaps best known for their ornate masks and intricate wrestling moves. Good guys or heels, they captivate the audience through their storytelling and strength. It is shameful to be unmasked, as the product of their work is the show, not the man behind the mask.

In the modern economy, where decentralization and anonymity further even the playing field, The Luchador shows a masked every-man who has put in the work, been through the gritty fights, but ultimately has made it. He has won the battle without being seen.

So pick out your favorite mask, your favorite suit and your favorite apparel, and be your own masked champion!



- The first 2000 Luchas are free to mint (you pay the gas). They will be eligible for all common Lucha Rumbles.


- Luchas are minted at .05 eth up to 4,000.
- The DAO will go live, giving voting control of the project to Luchador holders.
- 25% of proceeds fund Rumbles and Royal Rumbles


- The Community will decide on any future minting, to a maximum ever of 8,888.
- An additional 25% is committed to fund cummunity decisions as voted on via the DAO.

over 300 traits!

40 unique masks

25 unique suits

52 unique names



Dchuckf has been an active cryptocurrency holder and alt-coin trader since 2015. As an avid sports fan, he came into the NFT world through NBA Topshot before exploring the “Open Seas” of NFTs. Crypto Libres represents the best parts of all his past “side groups” rolled into one.


MeatPossum is just a guy with a love of Luchadores and all things Crypto. His artwork – the original “Luchador” has hung in his office since before NFTs existed.


Total supply of 8888 Luchadores

We reimburse all expenses of the Client for the payment of fines and penalties that were caused by mistakes made by us in accounting and tax accounting and reporting.
We reimburse all expenses of the Client for the payment of fines and penalties that were caused by mistakes made by us in accounting and tax accounting and reporting.

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